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TARA Labs produces a full range of high-end audio cables which are sold through official TARA Labs dealers throughout the U.S. and in 38 countries worldwide. Products are regularly reviewed in respected audio magazines the world over. TARA Labs has won more professional reviewer awards, and has more positive reviews than any other cable manufacturer in the world today.

All cables are handmade in Ashland Oregon, USA.

TARA Labs is known as the worlds' leading manufacturer of high-end audio cables. TARA Labs' commitment to quality and craftsmanship enables us to cater to the purest audiophile and music aficionados throughout the world. All cables are manufactured in our facility in Ashland, Oregon, USA.

home-img1TARA Labs offers Rectangular Solid Core (RSC) interconnects and speaker cables. They have become the reference standard for reviewers and serious audiophiles the world over due to their extremely accurate, neutral and frequency linear performance. Another industry first is TARA Labs' propriety annealing process, known as SA-OF8N 99.999999% copper (super-annealed, oxygen-free, eight nines pure copper). This creates a unique, long, unbroken crystal structure called “mono-crystal” which has exquisitely smooth and detailed transfer of frequencies over a very wide bandwidth. And, finally, TARA Labs offers the ultimate in cable design and engineering, the Zero Cable Series. This theoretically ideal dielectric environment starts with our “SA–OF8N” conductors that are then suspended in a Teflon air tube where a vacuum is drawn within the chambers of the tube. The Zero audio cables and Zero digital audio cables are the ultimate in cable technology.

Why Rectangular?

Our patented RSC conductors have become the definitive technology in high-end audio cables. The rectangular shape offers a unique advantage over round conductors. They have the necessary mass for solid bass, yet are thin enough for a coherent reproduction of mid-range and high frequencies. The RSC is not subject to the same high frequency losses that hamper traditional round conductors. To further understand the principle behind RSC technology, it is necessary to understand a phenomenon known as "skin effect" This principle states that in a round conductor, higher frequencies will tend to travel towards the outside (or skin) of the conductor, while lower frequencies will travel closer to the center of the conductor. The larger the diameter of a round conductor, the worse the effect will be, resulting in a significant roll-off of high frequencies in large gauge conductors. Because of its rectangular cross section, an RSC conductor essentially has no center like a round conductor. Therefore it does not suffer the same high frequency losses.