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Ever wonder what an audio cable will really sound like

when you use it in your own audio system? 


Let's be honest, to really know how a cable will sound, you will first need to bring it home and try it in your own system setup. Your components, your room, your music! Our new "Cable Loaner Program" offers this great opportunity for music lovers who would like to audition our cables. Try it before you buy it. We say: "Try it, Use it, Prove it!" We know that once you try TARA Labs audio cables, you'll always use TARA Labs. We Guarantee it!


For additional information on the Cable Loaner Program, Click Here!


TARA Labs is known as the worlds' leading manufacturer of high-end audio cables. TARA Labs' commitment to quality and craftsmanship enables us to cater to the purest audiophile and music aficionados throughout the world. 




TARA Labs produces a full range of high-end audio cables which are sold through official TARA Labs dealers throughout the U.S. and in 38 countries worldwide. Products are regularly reviewed in respected audio magazines the world over. TARA Labs has won more professional reviewer awards, and has more positive reviews than any other cable manufacturer in the world today.

All cables are handmade in Ashland Oregon, USA.