Apollo Phono


The Apollo Phono cable is our entry level cable manufactured to be compatible with a wide variety of phono cartridges. The perfect phono cable for the up and coming audiophile.

The sound is described as precise & detailed, natural & musical. Handcrafted in Oregon, USA and lifetime guaranteed. 

  • Conductor is: 99.9999% Oxygen-free copper
  • Available termination: RCA, XLR & 5-Pin DIN
  • Precise & detailed
  • Versatile with musicality
  • Handcrafted in USA and lifetime guaranteed


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**For right-angle (90°) 5-Pin DIN terminations, choose "Style A" or "Style B" orientations (see images)


“The feeling of calm in general has been there for me in the system, since the recent upgrades and Tara's [Apollo series] been a real keyword. There is no one who came to hear me including myself, who would not mix that word and feeling as he sat listening to the music coming from the system…

There is a special airiness around the sound and in the background behind the music, which appears whenever there is more than one similar cable in the chain. The ability of the power (music) to move freely through the same connectors and conductors, makes a greater contribution to hearing and feels than any single cable replacement, expensive or considered to be, to my ears. This homogeneous continuum is, in my opinion, the main goal that a high quality audio system should expect…

In almost every recording and source, the ability of these wires can be heard to connect the music in a special way and stream the information without any distortion or power. There is something very adorable about their presentation in the small room that brings peace to anyone sitting in a spot.”