Air Phono


The Air Phono is another high-end phono cable that is available from TARA Labs, and is part of our legendary “Air” series audio cables collection. Its low price for a specialty cable make this an excellent choice for audiophiles who need a reference grade phono cable. It is suitable with all cartridge voltages. Sonically, the cable is open and revealing, with excellent high frequency extension and detail. It is recommended for a wide variety of cartridges.

  • Conductor is: 99.999999% Oxygen-free, mono-crystal, rectangular solid core
  • Available termination: RCA, XLR, 5 pin DIN
  • Handcrafted in USA and lifetime guaranteed
  • High-frequency extension & detail
  • Tight bass & midrange
  • Very revealing

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**For right-angle (90°) 5-Pin DIN terminations, choose "Style A" or "Style B" orientations (see images)