• Filters
The Echo Live w/ MrSpeakers connectors
  • 72 SA-OF6N silver pressure grouped conductors
  • Multiple terminations available
  • High-frequency extension, full mid & bass
  • Neutral, spatial cues & soundstage
  • Musicality with fine resolution of signal
The Master Live Headphone Cable
  • SA-OF8N RSC solid core Gen2 conductors
  • Hand polished 99.999999 (RSC) Rectangular solid core pure copper conductors
  • 8/9 copper that is mono-crystal, oxygen-free, frequency-tuned
  • Multiple terminations available
  • High-frequency extension, rich mid-range & tight defined bass
  • Neutral & natural with spatial cues and expansive soundstage
The Omega Live w/HFX
  • Custom hand-crafted in the USA & lifetime guaranteed
  • SA-OF8N (RSC) Rectangular solid core solid core Gen3 conductors
  • 999999 oxygen-free, mono crystal, frequency-tuned, hand-polished
  • HFX floating ground station system
  • Multiple terminations available
  • Silver braided shield
  • High-frequency extension, full mid that is rich in timbre
  • Tight, powerful bass
  • Extremely transparent, very fine resolution of details with micro nuances
  • Holographic three-dimensional with expensive soundstage
  • Images outlined clearly with timber & musicality