• Filters
RSC® Prime M Digital, RCA
  • RCA ("Torque-Lock") or XLR
  • Anti-Corrosion coated SA-OF8N® copper braided shield
  • RSC® SA-OF8N® copper conductors
RSC® Air Evolution Digital
  • RCA (75 ohm) or XLR (110 ohm)
  • RSC® SA-OF8N® 99.999999% pure copper conductors
  • Mylar backed foil & Anti-Corrosive copper braided shield
  • Clear, detailed and precise sound
ISM Onboard Digital
  • RCA (75 ohm) or XLR (110 ohm)
  • Natural fiber core
  • New Onboard Shield™ technology for the dissipation of RFI/EMI
  • Rich mid-range & tight bass
  • Wide excellent sound-stage
ISM Onboard™ 0.8 Digital 1.0m/3.3ft
  • RCA (75 ohm) or XLR (110 ohm)
  • PTFE dieletric throughout
  • Aero-PE® primary dielectric
  • High-frequency extension
  • Neutral sound with clear presentation
The Muse Digital w/HFX
  • RCA (75 ohm) or XLR (110 ohm)
  • HFX floating ground station system™
  • RSC® SA-OF8N® Gen2 99.999999% pure copper conductors.
  • Aero-PE® and PTFE dielectric
  • Extremely refined with beautiful sound
The Zero™ Evolution Digital w/HFX Ground Station
  • Zero Evolution design supersedes the Zero Gold with a 75% increase in bandwidth
  • RCA (75 ohm) or XLR (110 ohm)
  • Anti-corrosion coated SAOF-8N copper shield
  • RSC Gen 2 conductors
  • Extremely low noise floor creates the widest dynamic range that reveals extremely fine nuances of fast attack, sustain and decay
The Grand Master Evolution Digital w/ HFX Ground Station
  • Optimized RCA-75 ohm & XLR-110 ohm AES/EBU configuration
  • Anti-corrosion coated SA-OF8N copper shield
  • Supplied with TARA Labs exclusive HFX Floating Ground Station System featuring ISM technology
  • RSC Gen 3 SA-OF8N copper in-line hand polished conductors. 99.999999% pure copper, rectangular solid core
  • Phenomenal dielectric construction and rectangular sold core conductors create an unbelievable, vanishingly low noise floor
The Artist USB
  • Custom gold-plated USB 2.0 connectors
  • Triple shielded: Twin Silver coated copper braided shields & Full Mylar silver shield
  • 99.999999% pure, mono crystal, silver-coated copper conductors
  • Clear and precise natural sound
  • Well-shaped imagery with Low noise floor
  • High frequency extension & Fast data flow, jitter free
The Master USB with EVO
  • Custom gold-plated USB 2.0 connectors
  • 99.999999% pure, mono crystal, OFC silver-coated copper conductors
  • Controlled geometry, Uniform insulated & twisted
  • Includes EVO Floating Ground Station System
  • Natural & neutral sounding, reference level
  • Full mid-range and powerful, Bass, Holographic soundstage
  • Extremely quiet and revealing, vanishingly low noise floor
  • Triple insulated RSC conductors
  • Consistent controlled uniform capacitance and impedance
  • Increases transmission speeds, and cuts down on digital “jitter”
  • Triple shielded silver coated metal braid
  • Includes HFX Floating Ground Station system
  • Offers a performance of exceptional musicality, micro details, pinpoint imaging, holographic soundstage, with enormous spatial cues